How many are on your list?

The last week of the year always seems to be a time for reflection and planning. What went right last year, what worked and what didn’t. Where can I be better… and HOW. I love this resolutions picture because all the notes seem to apply (other than ‘quit smoking’ — knocked that one out a few years ago, yeah!. Oh, and I’m not sold on “quit drinking” either, but surely an alcoholiday is in order.)

The other 8? They seem to be goals & resolutions EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Why is that?

I’ll admit, for years (okay, a decade), I was stuck in a rut. A pretty common rut, I imagine… one where “get out of debt” means work more, which gets in the way of “family time” and “enjoy life more”.

To earn more, I’d have to “learn something new” which sucked more time from exercise, enjoying life and family. “Help others” takes time or money, and who has time to “get organized”??

The constant stress didn’t do any favors toward “lose weight” either. I made great money but my kids and spouse didn’t know me. My weight went up, my health spiraled down, and I was desperately unhappy. But I didn’t know any other way.

Seriously, there’s GOT to be a better way. This ‘more’ loop is clearly not working.

Despite multiple jobs, nearly 76 million Americans are struggling financially and nearly half can’t cover an emergency $400 expense from savings. I get it – the Christmas check from my parents (grateful!) went straight to my dentist.

News reports tell of the disappearing middle class, battered on both sides with fewer well-paying jobs, yet facing skyrocketing expenses, particularly education and healthcare (dentist!). Forget enjoying our golden years… many people don’t ever expect to retire.

What if the key is not more, but DIFFERENT? Like, totally different.

Where helping others and personal growth is the key to busting open the money-time paradigm in a way that’s fun, not work. This idea was so far afield from my traditional, Ivy-league education and corporate work. I simply didn’t believe it was possible.

But deep down I hoped it was.

And so I dipped my toe in the water.

Slowly… carefully. I didn’t want to get burned.

I’m happy to report the water’s fine! Really. Jump in and join us!

My future looks SO much different than it did several years ago. I have so much more hope, so much more possibility. I LOVE what I do, and I only get ahead by helping others. I have time and money to really get to work on my bucket list! I dream way bigger and set fun plans in action to make them come true.

Why? Because I already see results after just a short time.

I have time with my family, and actually enjoy it without the nagging stress that I really should be at the office.

If I want to take a month off to travel (my favorite!) or need time because life happens, I can do that without impacting my income. My income is truly residual. And I am in charge of my own raise.

Getting out of debt – like true financial freedom – is an attainable goal. The reduced stress alone helps me eat better, enjoy exercise and voila!… Lose weight.

BAM. Hitting all those resolutions. Check, check, check.

I’d say it all comes down to ONE thing at the start. LEARN SOMETHING NEW.

Be open. Ask questions. Meet others on our team. Do your own diligence. And THEN decide.

Only YOU can make the decision to change your life, but you CAN do it… and tackle these New Year’s resolutions once and for all.