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s a 55 year old, I was single and working with a company whose future was on thin ice. I wasn’t sure how I was going to finance the rest of my life. Then my friend Michael called me and I thought, “No way, I am not starting a new business!” Looking back, I realize when Michael told me he’d found the answer to “Peaceful, Lifelong, Reliable Income,” that he’d brought me the biggest gift of my life. I leveraged my background growing teams, mentoring and teaching, and partnered with this fabulous eCommerce company to an amazing beginning (we’re just getting started).

How? You may ask… I believe in listening and understanding what each of us desire within, I bring my team through the process of developing that belief and moving to action. By doing so, each of my partners have seen fantastic results! Those results build excitement and even more results! Now, 13 years later, we have built an incredible business that has afforded many of my friends, business partners and their families to live the life they only imagined before joining our team. My personal results have surpassed $2.8 million, with steady $250k+ annual income. I’ve helped many do the same, and look forward to working with you too!

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