As a mom of a bright and active girl, I look for the best options for learning AND fun during the summer. These do not come without a steep price for registration. I register early to leverage the early registration and multi week discounts. Still, extra income comes in handy to cover the costs! (even for working moms:)

My friends and I have helped many moms do just that. The extra income we’ve helped create is fantastic! We work together, share the company we work with and show moms how to benefit. Camp can cost anywhere from $250-$450 a week in the San Francisco Bay Area. Think about how important it is to fund these activities without dipping into your hard earned savings… especially when you may be saving to buy your first house, your children’s college tuition and expenses, or you are wondering how and when you are going to retire one day. Since the cost of your kids’ activities seem to be rising faster than inflation… we can help!

If this is something you would like to learn more about, please contact us!

Here are some fabulous camps in the SF Bay Area (some offer early bird and multi-week discounts):
Galileo Summer Camp promotions
Angel Island Summer Camp Pricing and Schedule
Summer Camps in the Bay Area