Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Jodi New square


received a Masters Degree in 2001 from Dominican University in San Rafael and obtained licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2004 when I opened my practice in Marin County. I structure therapy in a multidisciplinary manner to strengthen the emotional, spiritual and interpersonal elements of my client’s lives, working holistically. My belief in treating the whole person includes examining a client’s general lifestyle. It is easy to take for granted the impact of sleep, nutrition, exercise and substances, yet they have enormous influence on happiness, coping and daily functioning.
Partnering with this team and this wellness manufacturer compliments my current exploration into nutritional health in order to further support clients in emotional well-being through nutraceuticals and balance. I have had a positive personal experience and seen tremendous impact on the lives around me, and my goal is to fund our fun & travel to make the most of our free time!

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