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From the beginning I’ve been an entrepreneur. I was that little girl with the lemonade stand who had a budget. I knew what my expenses were (i.e. lemonade, cookies, paper cups) and I knew that to be successful I had to earn more than I spent. I love numbers and I love working with people. So when I was recruited to work for a Fortune 50 company right out of Grad School I thought that I had arrived. Several years later, I realized Corporate America just wasn’t for me. Instead I decided to work for myself; I cashed out my savings, borrowed from my parents and pursued my dream of working for myself by opening a fitness franchise. I was successful and five years in, the one center had grown into three with: 25 employees, almost half a million in annual sales, and over 3,000 clients. I bought my dream home in the Silicon Valley (no small feat for a single woman in her 30’s), and started paying my parents back, but then the economic crash of 2008 happened and by late 2009 my small business dreams were slipping away.
It is then that my best friend called me and asked me to take a look at a business; I said, “yes”, as I couldn’t resist Cindy’s story. What I saw was a business that made total sense, where I could still be an entrepreneur, stand behind an offering I believe in, and not risk any capital. Every day I choose my path, work from anywhere, set my own hours, and am rewarded for my efforts. I love this new version of my lemonade stand because I get to partner with an incredible Wellness company, work with the amazing people on this team, and finally earn way more than I spend!

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