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‘ve worked in the investment/financial industry for more than 12 years and while my job is professionally stable and lucrative, it is neither rewarding personally nor something I am passionate about. When we had our daughter, I became concerned with what we were feeding her. That in turn lead to learning more about the products we were using in our house and on our bodies. Sustainable, clean, green, chemical-free products and food are important to our family and our lifestyle. When the business was presented to me, I jumped at the chance to work with a company that values protecting not only our families, but our environment. I see this as a way for me to marry my passion for educating and helping others with my passion for high-quality, safe and eco-friendly products while still contributing financially for my family. Plus, I get to “work” on my schedule and still have time to participate at my children’s school and be home for them when they get home.

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