Coach Mary

Gymnastics Coach

As a gymnastics coach of 35 years I have been building strong women since 1981. My goal was to coach with a purpose and that purpose was to educate young girls on building confidence through discipline and commitment, while setting and achieving their goals.
When Samantha, one of my former gymnasts approached me with this business of better health and a residual income to fund my retirement I was excited to join this amazing team of health coaches. I can now share the purpose of my coaching young women and now achieve new goals with them.
Not only is this company allowing me the freedom to live my dreams but my dream to find products that my family can live healthier and happier. I only wish this company was shown to me years ago when my children were young but I can now enjoy traveling and spending time with my husband and adult children with financial freedom to…..Enjoy a better way!

We are committed to helping you Enjoy a Better Way.

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