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s a Yale grad with over 20 years in investment banking, finance and mergers & acquisitions, I was successful in the corporate rat race, but I was seriously burnt out. Endless travel had taken a toll on my health and I was missing out on too many important events of my two young girls. In search of both balance and upside, I ran my own firm for a time, but the investment, pressure and hassles of owning a business crushed any promise of flexibility.

Asked by a friend to help her evaluate this business concept, I was highly skeptical and intent on finding flaws. It turned out to be quite different than I expected, and given my prior background with Procter & Gamble, it made perfect sense to me how this company succeeds as an industry game changer. I can build my business around my schedule, and team up to create leverage on my time invested. My conservative side appreciates that there’s no financial risk, and best of all I no longer have to choose between attending my daughter’s’ gymnastics and paying for it. I love helping others do what I do – build a lasting business that provides the time and income to enjoy what matters.  415.786.8153

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