Got girls

Why women and children are more susceptible to hormone disrupting toxins pervasive in household products and how to avoid them!

I’ll tell you I’ve learned so much recently about why women and girls are more likely to expose themeselves to harmful ingredients.  We have 30+ exposures a day that we can avoid just by selecting better safer products.  Females naturally have a higher body fat to muscle ratio (not fun to think about of course), but this leaves us more open to chemicals asorbing into our fat cells and taking up residence so to speak.  Not fun!
We also use more personal care products and some we don’t even blink at the thought of using them because we know there’s “pain” involved for the sake of beauty.  Simply switching to safe cosmetics is easy and affordable, but most don’t give that a second thought.
We’re the ones cleaning (unless you’re blessed with my husband who was well trained by his mom), so our exposure to glass cleaner, counter cleaners and bathroom cleaners is higher.
We all have to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals in those dryer sheets, laundry and softening agents… and don’t get me started on Cascade and other dishwasher detergents that bake harmful chemicals into glassware.
I’m happy to say it is my mission to share a brand that is better, safer and so much more effective than any traditional brands available in retail store.

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