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Throughout my 25 year career, I never had the time to really enjoy life on a daily basis. My hours, work travel, stress and deadlines got in the way.  I worked with fantastic companies, but the day I left each position, I stopped earning.  I’ve been lucky to have great positions at Fortune 500 companies, but nothing is guaranteed. Who would believe I could be laid off while on maternity leave from Gap Inc? I was.  So, the years of working for other people and their agendas, and not my own best interest had come to an end. I decided to enjoy being a mom and wanted to find a way I could work on my own terms, but how to do this on my own terms was the question!

Then when I teamed up with Cindy, Lisa and our online partner, I realized I found the perfect solution. I am rewarded for my direct impact on their bottom line.  I choose when I work, focus my efforts on the right activities and team up with great people! I’m helping others do the same, and they share my desire to enjoy the priceless moments along the way.

Now, as a single mom, my residual income pays my mortgage and will pay for my daughter’s college! I have the comfort in knowing I can be there for my daughter  anytime and I my future is financially secure!  I love my life!! Let’s connect…  c: 917.561.3162

We are committed to helping you Enjoy a Better Way.

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